In October 2000, the ASOSAI WGEA was founded at the 8th Assembly of ASOSAI held in Chiengmai, Thailand. During the 1st meeting of ASOSAI WGEA, the Auditor General of the National Audit Office of China (CNAO) was elected Chairman and later in the same year, the Secretariat of ASOSAI WGEA was set up in CNAO. By the end of December of 2015, ASOSAI WGEA has grown to a membership of 34 SAIs.


Since the WGEA was established, it has accomplished routine duties as follows: reporting work of the WGEA to ASOSAI Assembly and Governing Board Meeting; reporting work of the ASOSAI WGEA to INTOSAI WGEA; undertaking work and activities assigned by INTOSAI WGEA; participating in meetings or seminars of other Regional WGEA; taking part in the activities of Steering Committee of INTOSAI WGEA.

Besides, other notable accomplishments are as follows:
----Organizing 5 ASOSAI Seminars on environmental auditing;
----Conducting 7 surveys within ASOSAI community on the topic of environmental auditing;
----Promoting the accomplishments of some coordinated audit programs within ASOSAI, in areas of dust and

  sandstorm prevention, fishery, forest, Mekong River Basin Management, etc..
----Holding 4 meetings of ASOSAI WGEA;
----Developing and upgrading the web site of ASOSAI WGEA;
----printing and disseminating publicity materials for the ASOSAI WGEA;

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